Sunday, April 13, 2014


Today's NUT'S & BOLTS session for Deliberate Creator-ship skill pack and practice ... (link below)......
THIS Year, a (7) frequency cycle in Collective Time awareness) is an opportunity cycle to experience our Self Awareness, and our Relation between our deeper Truth, and our participational practices (in Time)- the world of Creating and Manipulating "things & stuff" manifestations skills, and Compassionately release our own Self inhibitions....

I AM THAT I AM, ....Now that I Know this, learning to take responsibility as a spark of Possibility puts Me (the Observer) in an experience immediate flow of preferential CHOICES to hold focus on.
It has been my experience that Lectures such as this, clear the imagery to make it All as simple as it really IS to INTEGRATE with the expanding Self Image and sail where you would prefer to go.

MENTAL STRESS is currently High with this (11) Master Number, and the (11) Global Month opportunity frequency that cuts the crap and gets right to the business of BEing and DOING Alignment- by choice with a Knowing Trust- which is a point of true Self confidence and more DELIBERATE creative focus. 

This lecture link below helps to de-Mystify the physical/bio-electric manifestation processes (in Time). The bottom line of the Time game is to learn how to master your own perception in NOW as THE Creator of your reality.  YOU get to call the shots- the details, the ease of flow in focus - FREELY...NOW.
RELAX a little more into ALLOWING things to BE right where they are, without attachment- the Mirror reality tension will also RELAX and the manifestations with morph right before you in immediate terms.
Yes. ...OH, yes,!
All of this is REAL and happening withIN You.
Hello, Sweetness! Good Morning, Bright Eyes!
Welcome to New Time Earth, a Transition Reality that furthers your INNATE Self Creative Skills via a New Time vibrational, magnetic, holographic Dream matrix.

There are 4 Things that we Know for Sure ...
1) Everything will works our PERFECTLY for Every One- somehow.  
2) Nobody's insanity is more superior to anyone else's.  
3) An obstacle isn't always what you THINK it looks like. 
4) The cure for ANY THING that vexes Thee (in Time) is immediately remedied by finding your most immediate NOW. 

I Know that You already Know this.

If there is anything that We can do to make your adventure experience here more pleasant for You-
just..... ASK OUT LOUD.


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Sunday, March 23, 2014

TIME VIBE: APRIL 2014 (11:2) Global Month Frequency OPPORTUNITIES (in Time)

SELF Illumination and the CONSISTENT increase of perfectly synchronistic manifestations rise during this Master number's frequency gifts and opportunities.   
As those who are ready to graduate into the New Time Presence reality holo-deck, of practice creative mastery becomes a game of Self RE-Creation and personal renaissance and a much better handle on how to direct the adventure in the direction that you PREFER in co-creative engagements and projects.  

If you would like to get a handle on the basic translation of the (11) frequency and others Number In Time, 
click here to READ MORE,

"11" .  2001;  Hand built photographic collage by Artist/Translator, Carmelle Migliore;. 

You can also gain more base Knowledge on the emphasis of opportunity and Mastery that Master Numbers offer at the link below. 

Master Numbers: (11) :

Remembering that (11) is built, symbolically, by two 1's . which was the focus of March's opportunities.  Ponder that for a moment...  the image is of exponential opportunity for a POINTED Multi-Dimensional skills "quiz" regarding our Self perception and personal empowerment, and our Absolute intention in our Dreams and Visions.  The first layer of this opportunity asks you to COMMIT to yourSelf ALL-Ways, and then connect with the I AM in All things. 

Active implementation of the Self Knowing and [I AM THAT I AM] commitment is the point being driven to Mastery in this cycles opportunity.  (11) is a Time to practice it in the Mirror and use your New Time Love based response skills - and specific WORDS to steer your Time vessel and sensorial adventure TO-ward the Paradise of your own choosing.  

2014 is a Time cycle that fosters the opportunities to ponder the greatness of YOU [the (7) Global year frequency], and to play and explore the INFINITE possibilities in all opportunity and DATA for furthering your own Vision.  Re-valuation, re-vision, and re-thinking will  remain the focus  of activities this annual global frequency cycle of (7). 
With this global annual cycle opportunity, this month's (11) frequency influence tweaks our Self perceptions with MUCH more expanded view of possibility.  (11) means we are entering a very pro-creative, CO-creative cycle based in the Mastery of your Expression Number as your WAY, and your Life Path's commitment to achieve Creative Mastery in the shifting practice-reality of the Human over-soul, of which you are a particle of participation.  
If you have gotten to this point of this translation, then you will Now understand when i remind you that you Know WHO You ARE, which is the first big question on your plate.  And, You KNOW what You are preferring to experience and participate in- which is the second big question.   But, this month, even though there is more excitement and active anticipation, you will KNOW that- 
All will fall into place in perfection.  

This month also calls for the commitment to BE and DO your Truth if full acceptance and Trust that You would NEVER lead your Self UN-to-ward your Joyful least, not without a pile of pain for you and your reflections.  
Holding your Balance diplomatically in display of the power of Your Presence brings even more opportunities and playmates this month.  It's a powerful Manifestation game that will begin to build up around the Equinox of March- and will peak from the 9th through the 28th of April, as you engage with the Mirror reality with different lenses on.  And, you won't be able to UN-Know what is coming to you- change IS eternal.  Imagine what you will Know by May!
If your ratio of focus in [Now] is your mainstay, the natural result will bring rewards in ways that will involve otherSelves in your reality practice games.   This means inordinate group involvement, new, sudden, project partnerships, and other co-creative involvements. 
So, altho this month is HIGH intensity focus translated in forms of Intuitive Guidance and Telepathic amplification between ALL individuals- so, transparency is unavoidable.  This means that you'll be able to identify your preferences with much more deLight and gusto (gustatory: emphasizes WORDS, communication).  In this intensity, the NON-preferences and mis-takes will be dismissed quite quickly, so the flow of events and experiences will appear to be fast and furious at a stretch, off and on during this cycle. When the (11) intensity cannot be handled, the more simplistic (2) frequency is more accessible to our perception beliefs, and often manifests as pure and simple co-operation for the sake of keeping flow going without the need to "lead" or engage in any conflicts, to keep the Peace in the partnerships you have going on in your realit- ...for Now.   Modify this imagery onto the Global pictures and "stories" you are looking at currently.   This more passive (2) position will be quite temporary, as this intensive (11) opportunity cycle represents a period of questioning our deep convictions and tightly held reality beliefs with unusual ease of acceptance.  Choice is also represented by the  (2) symbology, and indicates a springboard opportunity in the direction of the Vision or project in question.    

With (11), the opportunity to quickly re-arrange your neuron connections come from the faster impulses of the frequency vibrations that are "scheduled" for you in your holo-deck games.  
Things appear to happen "fast" with (11), and (5).   In this, 
are you ready to commit to taking responsibility for what you are experiencing as a FULL TIME focus?   Say yes, and you've taken the Red pill.   Say no, and All is still Perfect- the opportunities that you DO create by default will lead you to address this question of Self accountability again, and again.  It's the ONLY way out of the lower frequency Matrix reality.  

This month, SPEAK THE STORIES THAT YOU PREFER to experience.  As the (11) influx of exacting INSIGHT and ILLUMINATION washes over you, the imagery and information within them for YOU can be shared with others with successful feedback immediately. 

With (11), immediate rewards are gained by taking the High Road, which comes at the "risk" of releasing aspects of False Personality-which translates as any experience of constriction, obstruction, or victimization, or assertions based in f/e/a/r. 

Robert Downey Jr & Sting: Driven To Tears
Avoidance, Misdirection or Manipulation others by deception or omission will create an immediate energetic whiplash.  YOU are charged this month with remaining vigilant of your expressions- and, as The 4 Agreements echoes
BE IMPECCABLE in Your WORDS.   Your (emotionalized) Truth is your manifestational launch pad.  Self Truth will allow you to move much closer to your Eternal Powers- much quicker.  

Those of you who are committed toward Misdirection and Manipulations in a historic sense, will be finding themSelves staring directly at themSELVES in the Mirror reality experience. 
Payback is a bitch, baby.  Unless, of course, you choose FORGIVENESS.   
Self Forgiveness and Retribution can come easily and quickly when there is a committed change of intention.  It's ok to change your mind about ANY thing!  It's YOUR REALITY, ISN'T IT??!!!
Just tell the Truth, and let the chips fall where they may. 

This month, you can have it your way.  But, be willing to take immediate responsibility for the reverberations of your "songs" and "stories" coming out of your own mouth.  
While "choosing" according to one's own maturity level is a given in all growth experience, this month is not about being "perfect". 
Know that we Love our hard contrasts as tools and skill-building exercises.  Let it go, and MOVE ON- or re-state your intentions with the necessary adjustments in more alignment with your own Creative Visions. 
Inspiration and Insight that comes so fast and suddenly, sometimes- can lead you to "see" the Light, and highlight or reveal your habitual choices which may not have lead in the direction of One Expanding.  

It's helpful for some to keep track of the Now focus experiences with an eye on the successes.   Perhaps making a note of your waking "wishes" for the day, and then make some time before retiring to take an accounting of your increasing experiential successes as you ponder your day.  Self confidence is the key to standing up to bat this lesson out of the park in regards to the REWARDS that standing in your absolute Truth brings.   

YOU will be the One who will decide what you prefer after a cycle of very clear and exacting engagements with your own words of manifestation in relation to SELF IDENTITY as a Creator BEing and what you are attracting to you to experience in personally powerful terms of accountability.   If you messed up, just admit it out loud, and don't repeat the experiment that brought you to that conclusion.  

Bruce Lipton proposed a rhetorical question, 
HOW DO YOU CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH?, in this segment of a recorded interview with Lilou Mace- 
  [   ]

He translates: 
When we're in LOVE, (NOW), the Conscious mind doesn't want to travel.... Because it's already getting everything it needs and wants right Here/ AND (NOW) so, why would it want to leave???
He then goes further to explain that when You stay absorbed and focused in the CONSCIOUS Mind-set (con-science Mind) in those moments of "bliss" - or, JOY Inspired ABSORPTION and FOCUS, then YOU're Creating everything that your expanding Self /PREFERS effortlessly.
And, when your Conscious mind-set and Joyful NOW focus is released  (for ANY reason/thing/thought ) your focus then drops back into SUB-CONSCIOUS mind-set (those habitual and unwanted reactions), removed from Self responsibility. 

With (11), IMAGERY is a primary form of data delivery.  
If you have glimpses of imagery that are telling you a story- your TRANSLATION of this imagery is for You, firstly.  But, as you speak or share data, translations of imagery or your experience "stories" , your language will predict the outcome exactly for You.  

So, you can see how keeping your "lenses" clear of judgement and f/e/a/r based perspectives can help your manifestation Mastery, and foster the ease and flow of the increments of Self expansion experience.  

If you are artistically inclined, April will open up a flood of Inspiration and drive to express what you are "seeing" in your internal landscape and in the Mirror.  Be prepared to make sketches, make design notes, or expand on any project that can include others in co-fascilitation or co-Creativity.  Teams, groups, partnerships are highlighted in this opportunity.  Mutual respect is a sign that the project can be nurtured through to fruition, but the personnel may change as it goes through its manifestational steps.  

"Magical Properties of Mac and Cheese" by Barbara Karnes 2014
Share your insights and flashes of Creative brilliance with Joyful innocence, and respect for your audience and your Creative partnerships.  
The resulting INSPIRATION that you stimulate will come back exponentially, in (11) frequency opportunity cycles. 

Instructions for this month's (11) expansion opportunity reads: 

"USE YOUR Loving FRIENDS and partnerships WISELY!   Listen withIn, and Play Truthfully and intelligently with the reflections in the Mirror.  For best results, Repeat as needed. "

Until the Next-
I hold the image of ALL in Well BEing NOW, as ever.  


ps:  this link brings you to a WONDERFUL Translation and further imagery on the opportunities that are available for All in April.

Monday, February 24, 2014


A  NUMBERS IN TIME Translation:

As i watch the story in the Mirror of the Time Reality ever unfolding and rapidly changing in front of Me,  i sometimes like to have a conversation with my Higher Presence about  what the larger view might be in regards to the remnants of SELF resistance and taking more responsibility for how i FEEL about those resistance BELIEFS that support the Illusion in my own Time Mirror.  

I sat back and took a moment to return to that floaty clarity that releases and relieves all awareness of an "out there", i selected a card containing the symbolisms that would assist my perception alignment with Now Knowing.  

So, no surprise to have this conversation begin and end with The UNIVERSE card.  

The Numbers of The UNIVERSE card are directly supportive to the translation that is translated written for it's essence, and reflection.  

 Card 21, as it is otherwise symbolically known as 
XXI, translates to 10-10-1.   Considering that March 2014 is a Global (1) Month, I found this an Interesting synchronistic acknowledgement of the events and opportunities that are opening up the View AND ushering in the I AM in the reflection more clearly in the WE ARE ONE/Prime.   

Using the simple language of the Numbers (In Time),  this  card symbolically vibrates (3) that is made up of sub-elemental (underlying) frequencies of three (1) ones, and a two very determined Zero's.  

ONE: (I AM), SELF Realization; BEing, Beginnings, Vision/Clarity, Truth in Transparency, Imagination, Initiation, SELF Realized, SELF sufficiency as Creator BEing

I invite you to click those Number links just above, then read the translation posted below-  and then YOU do the math on the significance of the idea that as an 
Eternal Multi-dimensional Creator BEing-

You are not OF the Universe...
You ARE the Universe. 


"This is Albion, the universal man, spiritually reassembled and his Humanity fully awakened. At the end of Blake's prophetic epic poem Jerusalem, Albion sacrifices ("annihilates") himself for Jesus, throwing himself into the "furnaces of affliction," an act of love that inspires the Zoas to finally unite and restore Albion to eternal life. He is a metaphor for our own individual self-image. His spiritual regeneration shows our own possibilities for rebirth, for self-integrating and becoming a new and sacred being. In the border, depictions of creation from Genesis flank Albion, the supreme creation. The upper left oval shows the creation of light on the first day; the middle oval shows the firmament dividing the waters on the second day; the lower left oval shows the gathering of waters to create dry land on the third day; then the upper right oval depicts the creation of the sun, moon, and stars as the lights of heaven on the fourth day; the middle oval shows the creatures of the sea and air being created on the fifth day; and the lower right oval shows the creatures of the land being created on the sixth day, along with man who is given dominion over all. Albion's pose expresses wonder and gratitude for these fruits of God's imagination.  "


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Focusing BEYOND The ILLUSIONS of The Magnetic TIME Frequencies

A NUMBERS IN TIME Translation: 

without a doubt-
the Watcher, watching Me.
The not so subtle peek-a-boo i play with who IS, and Whom will 

As the New-View dances to entice my Self to grow;  

I AM wrapped up in the endless Rhythm 
of the Spiral flow,

Where I AM reunited in waves of colored SOUND,
where decisions can come NOW easily- 
Illusion persists only 'til Eternal Self is found.  

NOW, ever To-ward my Joyful focus,
 no density (of Time),
and no more interest 
in Mind games 
that hold Me back, 
or  bind.

I AM Grateful for this exercise 
that i've been playing here with You.
But, I Know NOW the larger scheme, 
WHOA!...such an EXPANSIVE view!

Which, as You Know, does lead right to 
the release of TIME and SPACE.

Ahhh, the Freedom of Transition-  
into the imminent, 
(and, often sudden) 
Saving Grace!

I see that I AM

I AM. 


Through YouThank YouMy BELoveds-
I have come to Know Me, so Well-

And I hear NOW my Singing Heart,
As a clear, and near, Temple Bell. 

As I AM called into the Next, 
the Journey never ending, 
and with My Eternal arms outstretched-
...Prime energy, ITSELF 
reflecting ALL

I AM, and AM IT ALL, I Know;
NO-THING beyond MY reach.  
I AM whatever I 
BE-hold NOW, 

What else 

And, NOW, My BE-You-ti-full Mirrors....

The ILLUSION of Time: 

The Resonance Project

FRACTALS: The Colors of Infinity; Arthur Clarke

The Science and ART of Fractal Geometry: (full documentary) 

Joe Dispenza: LOHAS, DC - 2013 -- A NUT'S AND BOLTS Translation on deliberate Creativity and accountability...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

TIME VIBE: March 2014 - Part 1 - New Visions of Creative Possibility

ONE Global Month/  
7 Global Year Cycle   

Keywords and overview/link for ONE (1), HERE
and, SEVEN (7), HERE ___________________________________________________
ONE is the BEginning, and to where All returns.  
I AM That I AM.  
This video below is a VERY digestible explanation of the cycles of frequencies and Your influence on the quantum field via your personal Expressions.... THINK IT/ SPEAK ITCREATE IT

IF YOU ARE READING THIS.. somewhere deep within You- I know that You KNOW this.
  This video below is a visual reminder and an example of how frequencies manifest into Perfect geometric dances with physical particulates (in this case, SAND through an amplifier)  -  and their "personalities, gifts, and talents" are evident in the unique shapes of each frequency, and which are described in the number frequencies and opportunity cycles.  
Take note when watching this that YOU are THE Amplifier of All amplifiers!!!  Your BODY, and what you experience IN and through it- is the sand.  

So, let me be very clear on the translation of your PERSONAL Time frequencies and your focus in PHYSICAL TIME reality- such as 3-4D Earth Time, in a holographic classroom for I AM expansion.  
ALL frequencies are vibrating simultaneously- but, YOUR personal frequency patterns are REQUESTED specifically by YOU,   for your personally designed growth opportunities, based on the date which you entered the agreed upon Time reality- (the current Calendar reference point).  
In this, right Now- we have all agreed to the Gregorian Calendar- which is indeed a limited frequency reality,....but we are slowly elevating -or expanding- our Vision of Potential, and are sliding into a New Time Reality that consists of softer contrasts, and more highly developed Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing skills put to more focused PRACTICE.   
ALL of what you see is created by your consistent beating of a drum of belief.   IF you are not in Allowing of your own Joy within your own personal DRUM-BEAT (beliefs), and at this moment- i give you permission to change your mind- RIGHT NOW... :)!   
And, here we GO!!! 

As always, YOUR personal experiences this month will influence the over-arching Global Time experience, so- you should check your own Timing position for the details of your personal opportunities within the Global view- by calculating and reviewing your personal number frequenciesHERE. 
CONTACT ME If you would like to have a private consultation.


There are MANY avenues for Conscious Practice of our newly awakening skills as Sparks of PRIME.... 
The Global Mirror reality will begin to find it's Self-Consious footing in the New Time Reality with a closer look AT Self,  our participation, and visualizing our intentional cohesion.  The Global wave of focus is swelling this month with MORE (Self) DATA,  and gather more co-Creative partners in April, with a much louder unified VOICE in May.  
LET IT BE.  It is Perfect NOW, and ALL is unfolding in Perfection.   Relax.  Look withIN and make some internal notes, plan, ponder,...and DREAM BIG.  You CAN have it All- you just have to BElieve. 

Within the ONE frequency opportunity cycle (in Time), there isa little more ease of Self Presence, and more SELF realization opportunities.   Anything that we are focusing on is viewed from the Self with a little more deliberacy and attunement to our natural Joyful BEing-ness  and with a little less internal "pressure" that is the result of the illusional (Time) classroom of contrast and the  BELIEF IN confinement. 
You EXIST, and are INFINITE: 
I AM. 
 (you CAN say this 3x OUT LOUD for instant centering.)

Stop, RELAX, feel your Higher Self there WITH You- always.  

The growing ease and flow of more Joyful manifestations comes from individual emotional convictions to take responsibility for what is in focus NOW... and, as You also KNOW the difference between what feels good to You and what does NOT, is becoming more distinctive in everyone in your Mirror reality.   Just observe who is feeling good and in Flow, and who is not.  Who is representing the acknowledgement of that which is NOT in Love and Balance via conflict, assisting to dissolve the illusion of the idea "stable", "fixed", "law", etc.   Observe their language, and their attitudes about themSelves and what experiences they are  attracting to themSelves, and from where they BELIEVE the Power really lies.   See the contrast between what you WANT (feels good) and what you DON'T (feels bad) want being magnified- widening- so that YOU remember to that as I AM, you have a choice between f/e/a/r and Love.  
 In (1), YOU are the Creator BEing, the Power, realized

All inflowing DATA throughout this Global (7) Year opportunity to analyze, introspect- and reflect, dissect, and sort through our own perceptions of where we have been, where we are Now, and what we want to Create from Next in our experience.  

This month, the Global frequency currents are offering the opportunities toward the Self awareness, and newly Self realized Self WILL the changes in perception, and the taking of Self responsibility to focus on what YOU DO want to Create more than anything else with more focus in NOW.  

Jason Mraz; Living in the Moment 

You'll notice that when you commit to SELF LOVE first, you CAN and DO  find a way to open up the Conscious dialog between YOU and YOU.  The most direct way to your own Truth is by focusing into your own HEART, and listening/feeling more intently and patiently.   As you float quietly withIN this month more consistently, manifestational synchronistic events increase, and "change" becomes more acceptable, and more fluid.    Noticed more subtly at first, but with more confidence by the end of the 2014  (7)  cycle, when the wheels of manifestational manipulation (in Time) will begin to roll with more Personal Power and intention, dynamically, and attracting assistance for Higher Mind practices, in manifestational (Magnetic) Time reality.  (3/4D) 

Your LOVING Heart will guide your way to the Inspired experiential details in Perfection.
In ONE FREQUENCY CYCLE,  IDEAS AND SELF CONCEPTS ARE BORN; allow them to "gestate" until there is more clarity of the DATA that you are absorbing, and clear - undeniable- INSPIRATION toward specific action through the impulses of your newest Self Alignment step. 
SO....*??? Have you been consciously pre-paving your day???   
Then, you might want to begin HERE to help you get the hang of this concept of Self Creator-ship, (in Time)... :)! 

*After viewing that, you can use this link for the One Minute Alignment video guide...(visual)

OR- you can go to any of the Abraham "rant" videos to assist you in holding your focus longer and longer in your Now presence;  here's just one: 


This ONE Global Month opportunity experience translates directly into the Global populous Mirror as you observe the global events and changes that are happening in you perspective.  
DO remember that what you are actually "watching" is  YOU in your own Time classroom Mirror reality on a Macro level of perception and PRACTICE.
ALL revolution in the Global reality is about YOU.  Love it- and allow it to unfold with Gratitude.   Some "things" that are no longer useful for you personal expansion are being released in whatever way you are allowing it to.  
Are you still believing that you are a VICTIM? 
Or, are you ready to take responsibility for the Grand and Glorious release of the lower Magnetic Time Reality classroom, as you turn withIN for immediate access to the NEXT level of your Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing expansion?  

In the final days of FEBRUARY'S (9) opportunity cycle to release- we are encouraged to take the leap of Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion as the scene in the Mirror makes clear what does NOT feel like Love to You.     

As a fractal of Prime, You are ALWAYS Loved, Safe, and Nurtured by the All-That-Is.  
DO you ALLOW this?  
Or, DO you resist the SELF LOVE and Nurturance in Self Denial in some way?   (via lack, illness, conflict, confinement, persecution, etc, etc, etc...)

IF so, don't judge this- Love this for showing you the contrast that helps you to know your Preferences- and MOVE ON, Now.  

You can't put your makeup on the face in the Mirror glass, can you?  
DELIBERATE MANIFESTATION of what you DO want means that you MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what YOU are Creating for yourSelf by projecting and playing in the Mirror in your moment to moment NOWs in your Truth.   Is your Truth about f/e/a/r?  Or, are you finding the courage to look toward your gentleness, kindness, patience, eagerness, enthusiasm and Joy as the guidance system for your preferred manifestational experiences?

March's (1) cycle brings the opportunities to recognize the difference between Joy and f/e/a/r based obligation beliefs, and recognizing the "should's and musts" in our personal realities that are devoid of true Self pleasure.
This month, it can be simple, simple simple!  .
...Tune IN to Self- and quietly take notes: ??? does [it ] feel good, or ??? does [it] feel bad to YOU.  
Trust this, and ACT in Truth with Grace and Elegance- the "pay-off" for this focus is right behind the moment of your commitment.  
And, the PROMISE is that the manifestational magnetic quantum field (of Time) doesn't give a crap about whether you are having FUN or not...that's YOUR job.  
Try to remember- there IS NO ASSERTION in a MAGNETIC (TIME) REALITY.   It IS All ATTRACTIVE. it?

THINK IT (Inspired Vision Intention]). SPEAK IT (Inspired Creativity) , CREATE IT (Inspired Experience) ......

Done!... WHAT'S NEXT?  !!! 

Next month, (April), a Global (11:2 ) Month, the Inspiration to act in the direction of the HIGH road will be clearer, and expansive progress percieved more readily as Other Selves will show up to assist the process- and, those who are in HARMONY with the base objective and intention in the Spirit of (2) of Cooperation, Communication, Partnerships, Balance, Sharing WILL find themselves in the company of others more aligned with their own New Self Realizations.  
Those individuals who are Present with their Gratitude quotient enough to take advantage of the (11) High frequency opportunities, will do so by just TRUSTING that All is in Perfection right NOW. 
Practicing that Truth is the ONLY way to BE.   In an (11) opportunity frequency cycle, You'll know immediately if you are abusing your Power, as the immediate repercussions of attempting to manipulate others WILL backfire in full transparency.   
Feel free to call "bull-sh!!" when you hear/see it.  

REmember- as a reflection of YOU, the whole of the Collective Mirror reality, in your personal View, is responding to this frequency so that you can practice holding your focus and playing the Time games in a way that is more in alignment with your Heart.  

What you want to SEE, you have to BE- ...NOW!    


One frequency is an especially fertile opportunity to go withIN. 
Meditation is always the FIRST practice platform of I AM awareness.... if you can't sit down and strike up a conversation with your own Higher Mind- then you've cut your SELF off from YOU, the HIGHEST AUTHORITY, and the most expedient way to clear your manifestational pathway tuned in with your own SELF LOVING and TRUSTING, and your JOY.  

(WHO, exactly, do you think you are judging, anyway?  Some ONE else ??)

Just Use anything that pulls you UP !

Here's a hint:
&  (repost)

This blog site has many older posts that include links to other Masters of NOW, with their sharing and teachings for Your amusement and expansion.   Lotsa' tools for you - right in front of your own face, even.   
But, YOU are the ultimate Translator, Authority (Allower), and Creator of Your Time experience.  

Again, it is recommend (THINK IT/ SPEAK ITCREATE IT. ) that you ASK OUT LOUD, and TALK to your Higher Self when you need an assist to remember that you will never "arrive", and because of THAT Knowing-  you can NEVER get it "wrong".  

 BE in gentle Knowing that YOU are Source on an Infinite adventure of SELF Knowing and LOVE.  

Thank You for YOUR participation in this Spiral Journey 
WITH Me!  

Until the Next-
...and, I continue to hold the Image of ALL in Loving Perfection NOW, as Ever. 


As it FEELS Now, this Translation will continue in another installment....but, until then- you might want to consider learning how to PLAY with some of your Eternal Essence abilities in  Remote Viewing exercises, with friends- for FUN and expansion.   

For more InSIGHT on the HOW-TO'S of REMOTE VIEWING: 
See any of  Paul O'Connor's Remote Viewing work on YouTube:

And, also- 
Dr. Courtney Brown : Remote Viewing target exercises and results:

... amongst many others engaged in the expertise and exercises of 
[Eternal Multi-Dimensional Creator BEing] skills building.  


Saturday, February 1, 2014


Now, KNOW who is in control of YOU,
don't You?           


The BEginning and the end of the chain of command within YOUR reality lies with SELF:   I AM THAT I AM.   

The ability of the Hue-manity to recognize where the Power really lies in the direction of their own Time experiences is BEing realized NOW.   Lotsa'  evidences are right in front of you IF that is what you are LOOKING for as You follow the path of opportunities in the re-membering that there IS no assertion - there is only ATTRACTION in a Magnetic Universe Reality.  
Time to Let go of blame and victimization, and get ready to MOVE ON to your Next. 

As You hold Your focus on the likenesses of Self in the forms of Ron Van Dyke, Ben Fulford, etc, and/or the whole of Team DRAMA/Team Contrast and any other f/e/a/r based distractions of Self DENIAL,  the less you are focusing in your Joys NOW.  And, the less you are participating and supporting the Harmonious intentions of those BEings who are ALLOWING their Higher Self Aspects to integrate with their Higher Inspirations to dove-tail with yours.  
These participants in the New Time Vision of Balance are out and about BEing the Change in absolutely ALL pathways OUT of the lower Time reality experience platform,  AS the BRIDGES, themSelves.   
YOU are the One you are waiting for.  

(9) IS a window of opportunity toward LOVE, Compassion, and Forgiveness (which is the greatest CURE of ALL Time)......
REpeat NOT and perpetuate NOT any emotionalized beliefs in LACK (of ANYTHING that you are wanting), or else - suffer, then, at your OWN hand in Self denial and continue in a default reality experience of hard contrasts that are deliberately trying to piss you off enough to expand.

  So, WHAT do you WANT?  Think about it.  Stay there in the Imaginings of your minds eye and FEEL what it would feel like to HAVE it NOW, and...hold. that. happy. thought.   Observe the coming and the PASSING of any lower frequency Self beliefs with Compassion for a slowly receding Egoic Mind's capacity to even remember f.e.a.r. let alone participate in f.e.a.r. responses.  
Practice. Practice. Practice. 

Yes, (9) frequency opportunity is, firstly, Egoic RELEASE through COMPASSION and Gratitude for the opportunities and ALL energetic counterparts and "educational" experiences..   The natural "by-product" of this brings FORGIVENESS, WITHOUT PAIN or struggle. 

NOW IS THE "TIME" to take responsibility for what you are focusing on and BELIEVING about your Self and your Self CREATED reality- (CHEMTRAILS AND ALL) , (which YOU have been participating in).  In NOW there is Compassion for the whole of the components of your Eternal Expansion process.  

I AM THAT I AM; there IS no "other" in the Mirror Reality classroom.  All in the lower Time experience were/are Paper Tigers, Shadowy Un-Tuths and Puppet Playmates which are no longer needed by I AM, based on your New Time projects and Inspirations that are being "born" into evidence in the Collective Mirror.  
 LOOK for it, you will find [IT]- whatever [IT] is.   Does [IT] feel good?  Or, does [IT] feel bad?  

** Brad Yates Taps you through a release for WORTHINESS: 
 "Is it safe to have what you want?"


(9) frequency opportunity is the ripening of the "lesson" into Knowing.  Separating the wheat from the chaffe, so to speak.  
A Time for internal DECISIONS regarding that which you are TRUTHFULLY wanting to be IN your experience adventure by turning away from that which no longer interests your Hearts Desire.  
There is no "Death"- only releases into the Next adventure.  
Illusory value judgements based on "worth" in the dissolving lower frequency reality will continue to process OUT of a "monetized" system, and back into the SELF Regulating and Supportive System based on LOVE NOW- which IS what WE, Ultimately, are.  

Anyone who is confused about WHO THEY ARE might read Heather's Declaration Document, and perhaps they will NOT understand the language describing the State of I AM THAT I AM BEing declared therein -  thinking it cryptic, obtuse, or, NON-Transparent.  
READ IT AGAIN.   Slowly, and with a dictionary if you need to.  
It's as CLEAR and precise as the prominent proboscis on My face.  


Let GO of hard contrast in THE KNOWING Presence of ease and flow - YOU ARE FREE NOW.

Let GO of control of Things and Others  - YOU ARE FREE NOW

Let GO your f/e/a/r/ based thoughts that keep you spinning the wheel- YOU ARE FREE NOW


Let GO to have it ALL, You ARE free NOW.  

(7) Global Year frequency indicates a long cycle of opportunities to explore the Truth and seek out unKnown things.  In order for us to take IN the heavy flow of data with which we will tweak our (Collective) sails by the Fall, we must- and will - purge THAT WHICH  IS NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH OUR HIGHER INTENTIONS and causing drag on our "vessel" in immediate terms.       

As a Collective Mirror experience, February provides a string of opportunities to make some quick release decisions based on unmistakeable emotional responses in alignment - or, clearly OUT of alignment with our Highest Love, our Compassion.  As we practice and discover the rewards of true FORGIVENESS, as we float into our I AM Presence more fully with the ego releases that we are ALLOWING this month and through the year of "inquiry",    
the fruits of this process will be even more-so "evident"- by the Fall, when the collective focus wave will swell with DYNAMIC ACTION on administrating resources and projects of the New Time objectives of BALANCE and Community Intention.  

It's NO coinky-dink that We are, in another Time language, in the Chinese Year of the Horse- and in THIS year's case- it's a feisty, takin' no nonsense, MARE.  

(SEE:  I CHING : Hexagram 2; Earth, the Mare, Realization after a period of confusion- a decision to follow the Higher Path pays off BIG in auspicious ways. 

So, STICK TO YOUR TRUTH, and no-thing BUT your Truth- so help you, You.  

This is a wonderful translation:  

Hexagram 2 as Relating Hexagram

If you consult the Yijing with yarrow stalks, or with another method (like beads) that has the same odds, then you’ll find that 2, the Receptive, often turns up as relating hexagram. This is because with yarrow odds, yang lines in the primary hexagram are more likely to change than yin ones - and so the second hexagram is likely to have more yin lines than yang.
Leaving aside the vexed (and remarkably boring) question of which odds are ‘authentic’, Hexagram 2 feels to me like the quintessential ‘relating’ hexagram. It describes the archetypal response to initiative, wherever that comes from, and the archetypal way of growing creative ideas into solid, manifest results. This is what earth does: receive seeds, and give substance to growing things.
Hexagram 2 as relating hexagram is one of those things that can be almost too big to see. In general terms, it indicates that you’re not involved in initiating change or making things happen, so much as you’re allowing things to happen and lending your strength for things to grow. It also suggests being wide open - since, of course, every yang line must be on the move for you to receive this as the second hexagram, it suggests that all initiatives and ideas are opening up to possibilities.
Creating success from the source, harvest in the constancy of a mare.
A noble one has a direction to go.
At first: confusion. Later: gains a lord and harvest.
In the southwest, gains partners.
In the northeast, loses partners.
Peaceful constancy brings good fortune.’
Earth represents a colossal power of realisation. Nothing takes shape without it. To access this power, you first need the mare’s constancy. This involves gentleness and strength, and - crucially - being open and sensitive to guidance. Horses have an acute awareness of what happens around them: think of those mobile ears and the almost 360-degree vision. And they respond instantly to very subtle cues.
Next, to be like the noble one, have a direction to go. There is a general misconception that this hexagram is about being passive, just waiting around for guidance to follow. Not so. You can use a mare’s constancy without being a beast of burden yourself. To be able to lend your full strength to a task, you need to have a destination in mind, an ideal to follow.
What you don’t need is a detailed roadmap - that is, you don’t need to know exactly how the task will be completed or the goal attained. This hexagram, especially in the ‘relating’ position, is often simply encouragement to get to work. Horses aren’t merely field-ornaments; they are a concentration of remarkable muscle power, and people value them for the work they can do. You don’t need to know the end in order to get to work at the beginning.
This is one of the meanings of the next line -
‘At first: confusion. Later: gains a lord and harvest.’
When you first open yourself to receive guidance, when you first start work, there will be a confusing multiplicity of signs and options. As you continue, you gain a lord you can serve. (The Chinese character for ‘lord’ shows a lit lamp, something we can recognise as a guiding beacon.)
Another meaning of this line is that if you attempt to go first, if you imagine yourself as a pioneer, you will be lost among all the possibilities. No matter how broad and free the terrain, the ancestors have been here before you, and you will do better by following them.
And then Yi introduces this imagery of southwest and northeast - the landscape in which you need to orient yourself if you’re to see anything accomplished. In the southwest are people you can work with, potential allies. Your individual calling lies to the northeast, in strange new territory. There’s a balance to be found here. Gaining a lord provides you with guidance and a stronger sense of direction; gaining partners means support and a broadening of perspective. This is something you’ll know if you’ve ever participated in a community or network of like-minded people: there are insights and openings here that you would miss if you pressed on doggedly on your own.
All this culminates in ‘peaceful constancy’ - where the character for ‘peaceful’ shows a woman under a roof. In the context, I don’t think this means finding security within walls, but rather making the limitless earth feel like home. And, of course, it means settling down to work - the woman in the home isn’t merely ornamental, either.

ALL Time realities are in SUPPORT  of our opportunity to learn, - to practice - to grow into our VERY BIG Self Presence- as a Prime/Source fractal.  
As in the opening statement: 
"The BEginning and the end of the chain of command within YOUR reality lies with SELF: I AM THAT I AM.   The ability of the Hue-manity to recognise where the Power really lies in the direction of their own Time experience is BEing realized NOW. " 

Success lies in FREE WILL to choose CONSCIOUSLY, and in accordance with your NEW Time Expanded SELF.  
Doesn't matter WHAT you choose- you WILL get it- YOU are the Creator.  


Now, ...WHAT is it that your Heart WANTS?  

Let GO to Let IT Flow!




Jill Bolte Taylor- My stroke of insight ......

BASHAR: Major Shift Is Happening.....(thanks, Oliver!)